Speaker: Rev. John Marsh

My Next to Last Sermon

This will be the last sermon I speak from your pulpit. My real last sermon will be the one that reverberates in someone’s head.

The Beauty of Clutter

One of my great aunts was devoted to her stamp collection. My grandmother had a button collection. As a youth, I had a coin collection. Such collecting is now mostly a thing of the past. Now, through the internet, everything is available to everybody everywhere. What has been … read more.

Mother’s Day: Some Truths Best Spoken

Some adults are still angry at their fathers for being too absent. Some adults are still angry at their mothers for being too present. We’ll start from there.

Music is provided by the Chalice Choir.


Music features the Chalice Choir, directed by Kate Huizinga; Hari Kern, piano; and Rich Illman, trumpet.