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Come Play with Us!

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We are so glad to communicate with you today. We are in uncharted territory with the COVID-19 pandemic, the fight for racial justice, national politics, and beyond. During these months of sheltering at home, we at UU Lansing have continued our work, adapting to the present moment, maintaining a strong foundation, and planning for the future. We are so grateful to be anticipating a stable financial situation for our church in 2020. Later in the year we will start to plan for 2021, but for now, all is well with the operating budget.

We’re writing to share an exciting and transformative vision for a UU Lansing Natural Play Space and invite you to contribute to this project. In the last 5 years, many hands and volunteer hours have gone into restoring the grounds around our building with native plants. We have a beautifully landscaped entrance, a pollinator garden, a memorial garden, and a community garden. Throughout these years and efforts, many have dreamed of turning the sheltered south side of the grounds outside the Religious Education (RE) wing into a natural play space welcome to all. A team has been meeting to turn this dream into an exciting reality.

You can learn all about this project when you take a journey, explore this website, and imagine the possibilities for kids and adults of all ages!

With your help we can make this dream a reality.

Come Play With Us!

This project represents growth and hope for the future of our extended UU Lansing community. The process and the project reflect all of our UU principles, especially freedom for each to experience the world in their own way, welcoming the extended community, and caring for our natural spaces, among others.

You may ask, why now during COVID-19? We believe and hope the time is right to use these months to move forward and create this space.

As a church community, we are prioritizing this project so we will have comfortable and welcoming outdoor spaces when we come together again! We also know that with time, there will be healing and recovery. This gives us an opportunity to break ground on a communal endeavor—working outside, safely distancing in the fresh air—to build something for our future together. We already have over $5,000 saved for this roughly $30,000 project!

If you received a hard copy of this letter, you can make a donation with the enclosed envelope. Or, donate to “Natural Play Space” at http://uulansing.org/donate or with the "Donate Now" button below. In addition to making a financial contribution, please consider a donation of labor as well; you can sign up for a work party on the Play Space website. You can also write to us with questions and ideas at UUplayspace@gmail.com. Every gift is gratefully received.

In gratitude,

Teresa Putnam Jennifer Castner

Director of Lifespan Faith Development Stewardship Committee Chairperson

And the rest of the Natural Play Space Task Force… and a whole bunch of kids!

PS. Please make your contribution today. With your help, we can begin creating the Natural Play Space yet this year