Every other year our seventh and eighth graders engage in one of two year-long programs, either the Our Whole Lives (OWL) comprehensive sexuality education program, or the Coming of Age program to explore life’s big questions and articulate personal values and beliefs.

This year we are offering OWL as a ministry to our middle school youth. OWL is a ground-breaking program that helps youth gain the knowledge, values, and skills to lead sexually healthy, responsible lives.  Its comprehensive approach speaks to participants’ needs today and helps prepare them for a healthy and meaningful tomorrow in an environment that is open, honest, and safe.

The program begins in September 2019. Because we believe so strongly in this program and its importance in the lives of our youth, we offer it during Sunday morning Religious Education time. The class begins promptly at 10:30 AM and ends at 12:00 noon.  There are points in program where newcomers may join.

The program is designed for middle school youth working with adult trained facilitators. However, because of the sensitive nature of the material, and to be fully informed, all custodial parents or guardians are required to attend an orientation as a prerequisite for their child to participate.

A strong commitment to the program is required of both the youth and the parents. Regular attendance is essential for building and maintaining the trust, safety, and openness within the group and for the experience of the participants. In addition, each element of the program is important to the comprehensive approach.

For more information, contact the Director of Lifespan Faith Development, Teresa Putnam, tputnam@uulansing.org.