Throughout the year, we offer Welcome and Membership classes for anyone interested in learning more about Unitarian Universalism, our church in particular, and how to find your place in our community.

We also offer a diverse set of personal enrichment experiences. Most classes offered to adults are also suitable for interested youth, unless otherwise noted. Some classes appeal to specific age groups such as teens and younger adults, retirees, or the elderly. Others are suitable for people at a wide range of life stages.

Occasionally classes have required fees or purchases, and we always offer scholarships for those who need them.  Childcare and other accommodations can be arranged in advance at no cost to participants.

Browse descriptions of all upcoming classes in our latest church newsletter online or at the Connections Corner in the church Atrium, where you can also find sign-up sheets to register.

The Adult Religious Education Steering Committee provides adults with opportunities for continued spiritual and intellectual growth.

Our offerings are developed to:

  • Explore Unitarian Universalist faith traditions, other faiths, and social justice
  • Provide a safe environment for spiritual growth and development
  • Foster a community that promotes exploration, joy, and wonder
  • Support each person’s search for truth and meaning