On the second Sunday of each month, we take up a special collection in worship to benefit a cause outside of our church. Cash or checks may be placed in the collection baskets to contribute to the organization chosen for that month. Recipient organizations are published in the church newsletter and in the Orders of Service on second Sunday mornings.

We are a generous congregation — we collected over $15,000 from our Second-Sunday Plate Collections and designated checks in 2017!  We made a real difference to local organizations as well as the UUA Disaster Relief Fund). We prioritize local organizations that have small enough budgets that we can impact, attempts to support social justice committee efforts, and supporting denominational organizations. UU Lansing members have been playing an increasing role in making suggestions of organizations to support. An ongoing list is kept by the committee chair and discussed at committee meetings that are open to members.

Recent collections have been taken for:


August              Davies Project

September        Capital Area Literacy Coalition

October             Reach Art Studio

November         UUA Disaster Relief

December         Attwood Elementary School, Lansing



January             Resolution Service Center

February           META Peace Team

March               Tuesday Toolmen

April                   Solar Circle

May                   Women’s Center of Greater Lansing

June                   SALUS Cener

July                    Nokomos Center

August              Refugee Development Center

September        Carefree Medical Center

October             UUA Disaster Relief