Immigration Work

UUs work on immigration issues through the Mid-Michigan Immigration Coalition (MMIC), which includes participants from several congregations.  MMIC works closely with the Civil Rights for Immigrants (CRI) Task Force of Action of Greater Lansing.  We believe that immigration justice begins with education, of ourselves as well as others, and that even small actions have ripple effects that make them worthwhile.

Several months ago, we organized a Third Sunday event at UU Lansing on driver and ID cards for people who cannot prove legal presence (anyone who cannot produce a birth certificate or other currently required document), and subsequently initiated a postcard campaign to support the legislative bills that were introduced in the Michigan House.  The bills have not yet received a committee hearing, much less a House vote, but it is important that legislators know there is support for them.  We had the postcards at coffee hours and events at UU Lansing and other venues.  They are an ongoing project and we would like to find partners in other organizations and in other areas of Michigan.

MMIC participants are often at rallies at the Capitol and at other events in support of sensible immigration legislation and compassionate treatment of immigrants and their families. A recent guest at an MMIC meeting was a representative from Samaritas Lansing, the organization located around the corner from UU Lansing that works with unaccompanied immigrant children and that needs volunteers.

MMIC is a supporter of Educando Vidas, a program to get children into school in a rural area near Antigua, Guatemala, and is holding its annual fundraiser for the program, Fiesta Pequeña, in November 2018 at UU Lansing.

MMIC currently meets monthly at UU Lansing on the third Thursday of the month at 5:45 p.m.  Our social media presence is at Contact Judy Olson for further information.