Pastoral Assistants are a small group of church members who have covenanted with the congregation to offer support to church members in times of need. They are trained lay-persons committed to understanding, spiritual awareness, compassion, open-mindedness, and integrity. The time they give to serve others is entirely voluntary. This program is an extension of our shared ministry which complements and encourages the informal, caring network which already exists.

The Pastoral Assistants act as a caring presence, providing support and empathetic listening. They help coordinate, through the ministers, additional services as available. They provide an opportunity for people to talk, helping them to find their own peace and strength, rather than offering to solve their problems. All service is coordinated with the ministers. Pastoral Assistants also serve as the contact for the congregation when a minister is unavailable.

You may reach a Pastoral Assistant by calling the Pastoral Care line at (517) 351-4081 ext. 102 and leaving a message there. That line is checked daily.

In times of loss and transition, it can be helpful to talk to someone. The Pastoral Care Team is here for you.