During this period of uncertainty in the COVID-19 pandemic, UU Lansing needs your support more than ever. We greatly appreciate your ongoing support and your commitment to supporting our staff’s health and wellbeing, worship, church operations, and programs, particularly when some contributors may need to adjust their support. We will get through this together!

If you have questions about making pledge payments or donating, visit our Donation page or contact Church Administrator Kathy McWilliams – kathymcwilliams@uulansing.org or (517) 351-4081, ext. 107.

You can make a pledge at any time of year if you don’t already have one. You can change your pledge if your circumstances change. All gifts to our congregation are received with gratitude and are tax deductible to the extent of the law.


This year’s Auction is being reinvented right now! Read the weekly newsletter for updates or visit the Auction page for all the details.



The Stewardship Committee takes care of the financial stewardship (health) of our church. That means that the Committee works to ensure church funds support UU-Lansing’s values and mission and that we have a long-term vision for the church, one that requires good planning and decisions.  Together we must build a legacy for those who come after us and work towards a just and compassionate world. Read our full charge here.

The Stewardship Committee is a Board Committee of at least three members that oversees UU-Lansing’s Stewardship activities. Our main areas of work are 1) education and outreach and 2) fundraising coordination and oversight. Specifically:


  • UU-Lansing’s annual pledge drive (when friends and members make a financial commitment for the coming year)
  • Fundraisers (including one-time, break-even, and annual events) that raise money for the church
  • Oversight of grant-writing, both on Stewardship and by other church sponsored groups seeking funding outside the church
  • Estate giving (money that is given when someone passes away)
  • Endowment giving (money given to a restricted church fund where the principal is not spent and generates income for the church)
  • Capital campaigns & fundraising for Wish List items (when we work together to raise money for a special project or building improvement)


The Stewardship Committee includes Jennifer Castner (chair), Evy Jackson, Seth Martin, Laura Ray (Board-appointed liaison), and Marcy Schlinger. Anyone may attend committee meetings at 7:00 pm on the fourth Thursday of most months in the large conference room. Email the Chair (Jennifer) at stewardship@uulansing.org.



How do I get approval and plan a Fundraiser, Sale, or Solicitation?

Thinking about planning a fundraiser, helping an artist or performer sell their product, soliciting support for your child’s school/club fundraiser?

The Board of Trustees has approved a Fundraising Policy and a Sales and Solicitation Policy.

We have created this detailed Fundraiser and Sales Process document to help you get your event approved, plan the event, and run it successfully. The file contains a wealth of information – check it out!

If you have already read through the policies, processes, and everything else you can lay your hands on, and still just want to mull over an idea or ask a specific question, we’d love to hear from you. We can help you devise ways to advertise your event, recruit volunteers, and think through fundraising goals and stewardship-related logistics. Reach out to the Stewardship Committee at stewardship@uulansing.org or staff to get the conversation started.


Other Resources and Quick Links