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Poetry Sunday

with Ruelaine Stokes and music by Sally Potter


with Mary Elaine Kiener and music by L.H. Brown, Director of Music

Animal Minds

with Mark Reimers and music by Deb O’Connell

The Power of We

with our church’s delegates to General Assembly 2019

US: The Power Within Us

Each of us has personal power, and some of us may have other kinds of power: expert power (scientists), referent power (celebrities), legitimate power (elected officials), reward power, and yes, even coercive power. The focus will be on the personal power within each of us.
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My Next to Last Sermon

This will be the last sermon I speak from your pulpit. My real last sermon will be the one that reverberates in someone’s head.

The Beauty of Clutter

One of my great aunts was devoted to her stamp collection. My grandmother had a button collection. As a youth, I had a coin collection. Such collecting is now mostly a thing of the past. Now, through the internet, everything is available to everybody everywhere. What has been … read more.