Soul Matters Sharing Circle  (Kindergarten – 6th Grade)

For our elementary age children we use the Soul Matters Sharing Circle curriculum during the school year (Sept – May).  Based on the theory that learning occurs in different ways, children participate in variety of activities that relate to our church-wide monthly themes.  For this year’s themes, what does it mean to be a people of…

Vision: September

Sanctuary: October

Memory: November

Mystery: December

Possibility: January

Trust: February

Journey: March

Wholeness: April

Ministry: May

Each week there is a new session where learning is experiential through art, games, drama, science, video, nature, music, storytelling, cooking, or language arts. For example, each class has a routine and rituals so that children know what to expect each week.  Typically, children get name tags, light the chalice, share joys and sorrows, review the classroom covenants, share a guided meditation, hear a story, engage in the activity for the day, and share a snack.

Before class, children attend the first 15 minutes of worship with their families.

Then about once a month, instead of RE classes, we have kid-friendly multigenerational services so that the whole family can attend together.


In the summer, after the Story for All Ages, children are invited to participate in an experiential activity for all ages.  We offer one class for all children, ages 5 and up, and we go outside as much as possible.  The Nursery is open for younger children.

During the summer holidays, Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day Sunday, worship services are designed for children and their families to enjoy together.