Environmental issues

Efforts towards environmental sustainability at our church have been mainly taken on by individuals in the past year, but also in conjunction with the Seventh Principle Group of the Grounds committee. Our church continues to belong to Michigan Interfaith Power and Light (MIPL), which again sponsored a multi-faith conference at the University Methodist Church in East Lansing last fall. Several UU Lansing members attended.

One option to be investigated is the possibility of forward funding for renewable energy installations for churches, with the cost coming from utility savings.  With our unobstructed southern exposure on the RE wing roof, we could install solar panels and generate a significant portion of our electricity and potentially sell back what we do not use to the Board of Water and Light through net metering.  In May 2018, UU Lansing sponsored the ‘Solar Energy Talk’.  This program features people, mostly from Meridian Township, who have installed solar power systems, thus creating more credibility than presentation from contractors.