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In the absence of our opportunities to be together, this is a place where we can share our joys and sorrows with our beloved religious community. Here, we can remain interconnected, and we invite you to share your Joys and Sorrows by submitting a form.

Animated Candle Flame I write this with a heavy saddened heart that our state of Michigan now has 33 cases of coronovirus confirmed. I ask of all of our congregation to be safe and as well as can be until we meet in safety and unconditional love again. May it be so! – Keith V.
Animated Candle Flame Thank you for the opportunity to worship together (in spirit). During the “meeting and greeting” (and even now in the writing of this) my heart—filled with gratitude—spills up and over in tears of longing and connection. – Mary Elaine K.
Animated Candle Flame I am grateful for technology that can keep us connected in these uncertain times. – Carol N.
Animated Candle Flame Although I miss being together, hearing Reverend Neal’s calming voice and the piano music through my earbuds is a very nice experience. Thank you to all who participated in producing this worship service. – Dan D.
Animated Candle Flame Thanks, Neal, for your leadership and spiritual guidance. It was lovely to hear your calming voice and ‘Comfort Me’ being played on the piano.

To all those I could not greet this morning, Good Morning. I hope we all can appreciate this opportunity to show our resilience by adapting to change with the best attitude we can muster. Love and peace. – Deb M.

Animated Candle Flame So many things on my mind. Mainly lighting a candle for my daughter who has returned to Colorado to be with her youngest son during this time. The whole family is worried and waiting to hear what my oldest grandson will be doing in near future. He’s hiking through New Zealand and often off the grid. Sometimes I think he’s safer being in NZ at this time. But of course we don’t know if and when he’ll come home – so we wait as so many others are doing. Heart felt blessings to all. I can’t even explain how important this community is to me. It is a blessing to have you all in my life. – Barbara S.
Animated Candle Flame We want you all to know that we are thinking of everyone and sending our thoughts of love and peace to you, and our very best wishes/intent for all to stay well! We miss you and look forward to brighter days. – Aspen and Tim B-P
Animated Candle Flame Randy and Lynn are happy to announce the birth of their grandson, Miles John Parsa, on Friday, January 20th at 2:28 in the morning in Boston, MA. Miles and his parents, Margaret and Nick are home now and doing well. – Randy and Lynn S.
Animated Candle Flame I had a successful interview with the Ministerial Fellowship Committee (MFC) today and was welcomed into Preliminary Fellowship. Thank you UU Lansing for all of your support and encouragement! – Kristy S.
Animated Candle Flame Janet Howes wants to be remembered to all her friends at UU Lansing.  She is recovering from surgery at Sparrow Hospital (Rm 709 Bed 1) and would love to receive notes.
Animated Candle Flame Abby is turning 7 on Tuesday! – Kate S.   HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABBY from everyone at UU Lansing!!!!!  🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂
Animated Candle Flame I am happy to have (virtually) welcomed a nephew, Samuel, to the world this week! – Nicole S.
Animated Candle Flame …Feeling sadness due to the death of my long-term friend of 56 years on April 3rd.
William Wallner, entomologist, world expert on the Gypsy Moth Disease and former MSU professor, was the husband of one of my closest life long friends, Amanda, who died in December of 2018. Bill passed away in Madison, CT, of the Coronavirus. May he rest in peace. – Hari K.
Animated Candle Flame Feel glad that my next door neighbor, Sandy Comstock, has returned home after 12 days at Sparrow Hospital due to the Coronavirus. She continues to recover at home, but the worst is behind her. – Hari K.
Animated Candle Flame Prayers for me and my family as we cope with the death of my nephew, who took his own life with a firearm early Easter Monday morning. He leaves behind 3 college-aged children and a high schooler. Amid this coronavirus, we like many others, cannot mourn in our traditional way. It brings comfort to know we can share this with our UU Lansing family. – Deb and Linda F. & C.
Animated Candle Flame I would like to express the great joy and gratitude that I feel for our Beloved Congregation as a whole, for conveying to me The Spirit of Love, Compassion, Inclusion, Unity and Community in these troublesome times.
THANK YOU!!! – David W.
Animated Candle Flame I have finally completed my MSW at MSU and can get back to enjoying fellowship with the UU Lansing community once again. I have missed attending and though we can not attend in person still, this community is forever in my heart. Wishing health and peace to everyone. – Julie R.
Animated Candle Flame My 88 year old father contracted Covid 19 from his home health aide and is currently fighting this nightmare at Sparrow… He is tough and stubborn, and we are grateful that he is comfortable and being so well cared for. Life is a beautiful, exquisite thing… – Kristan S.
Animated Candle Flame This morning’s special joy has been the opportunity to witness the creativity and thoughtfulness of the High School youth in their service 3 May 2020. Kudos and loving thanks to all for your insights and updates. More than any other time in all our histories, we share the uncertainties of never having navigated a time and way of living like the present. There is no “standard model”, so the energy, perspectives and ingenuity you bring are especially important and valued today. Thank you again. -Ned and Evy J
Animated Candle Flame Joy – Rev. Neal, his family and all church staff are handling “the new normal” with creativity and caring; thanks to you all for your great and ongoing work.

Sorrow – Yesterday (Saturday, May 2) was to be Rev. Neal’s formal installation, a day to salute and honor him and our mutual bond. Instead…well a big Zoom gathering just doesn’t cut it! So we carry the party in our hearts as we look forward to the day when we can safely gather in person to celebrate! – Ned and Evy J

Animated Candle Flame We join with Kristan S. and Karalyn G. in grieving the death of their father/grandfather who died May 8th at Sparrow Hospital.
Animated Candle Flame What a joy, this year particularly, is the spring bird migration. Orioles, warblers and many others are a feast for the eyes and the soul! – Anne B.
Animated Candle Flame We are overjoyed to share that the adoption of our son, Thomas, was finalized! – Ryan & Marysia D.
Animated Candle Flame Sympathies of the congregation are extended to Helen Hagens and all family and friends of Helen’s husband John Casbergue, who died on Sunday, May 17. There will be a private ceremony to honor John’s life in the church’s Memorial Garden, followed by a larger Celebration of Life when possible. – Rev. Neal
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On Friday, May 15th, Rev. John Marsh, former UU Lansing Interim Minister,  was admitted to Yale Hospital with a suspected stroke. He had emergency surgery with a good outcome. Earlier on May 18th, another surgery was needed and currently Rev. John is under sedation and will remain in the ICU for observation.
At this time we wait in hope. Rev. John’s family encourages loving and healing thoughts rather than cards. – Rev. Neal 
Animated Candle Flame It saddens me deeply to pass along the news that David Rovner, a member of our congregation (UU of West Chester and UU Lansing) and long time Unitarian Universalist, passed away, just weeks following a cancer diagnosis. David was a kind and gentle presence who warmed every room he was in with his humor, intelligence, and insight. We will miss him very much, and offer our love and support to Margaret and the entire family.
An online memorial service is planned for Sunday, June 7 at 4 pm. We will send details.
Donations in David’s memory may be sent to the Society for Medical Decision Making (smdm.org/hub/page/please-consider-donating-to-smdm) or to the Unitarian Congregation of West Chester (ucwc.org/giving/).
Cards may be sent to Margaret Rovner at
29 Kendall Drive
Kennett Square, PA 19348Warmly,
Rev. Dan Schatz, Minister, West Chester
Animated Candle Flame I’d like to thank The One for all that has been given to me, all that I’ve lost, and all that remains.
Be by fate or happenstance, I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be, here and now. – David W.
Animated Candle Flame Please keep my parents in your thoughts. My 94 year old dad fell and fractured a vertebrae in his low back. He was hospitalized for 5 days and is now in rehab, and so far has been unable to walk. My mother has also declined with all of this and they are now both at The Willows of East Lansing. It has been heartbreaking and my mother can’t stop crying. – Leanne H.
Animated Candle Flame Betty and John S. ask that you keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we cope with the loss of Betty’s niece, Aleta Marie Bradford, cause cancer and heart failure, age 59. Please also keep in your thoughts Adnee M Bradford, Betty’s Sister and Aleta’s mother, as she copes with the loss of one of her twin daughters. Many of our members will remember Adnee from her visits here in Lansing. – Betty and John S.
Animated Candle Flame I am grateful and truly blessed that I live with my wonderful son, his lovely wife and my two beautiful granddaughters, they are a chalice of light and joy in my life. – Ray P.
Animated Candle Flame In memory of my father, Flint Stuart, who died last night after a long, slow decline. He was one day shy of his 87th birthday.
– Joe S.
Animated Candle Flame Chris’s mother, Marie Christoff, died peacefully June 1 at age 92 with dementia. (She had tested positive for COVID-19 and developed pneumonia.) – Chris and Marcy C.
Animated Candle Flame Heavy heart as I just heard a friend, Diana Sterling, who is part of my large extended family from UU Church in Manchester,NH and now in a nursing home for last 3 years has tested positive for Covid-19. Hopes that her tough soul will pull her through this time as well. My love goes out to the whole family. – Barbara B.
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