The Ministerial Search Committee (MSC) was selected in April 2018 by a set of procedures approved by the congregation at a previous congregational meeting.  Nominations were received in February, and all people (14) who submitted an application were placed on the ballot.  Members of the congregation voted for four individuals.  The Board appointed the other three members of the committee to achieve balance in skills and backgrounds.

MSC members at August RetreatThis image shows members of the Search Committee at the August Retreat (from L to R): Susan Rothfuss, chair, Annemarie Hodges, Andrew Quinn, Barbara Stoddard, Daniel DeVaney, Kathy Lovell, and Elizabeth Fedorchuk. (You can reach us any time at Scroll down below for background information about each member.


A general timeline of our search process is shown below.  A detailed timeline from the UUA can be viewed by by clicking here.

timeline summary - congregational items listed below.

Main dates involving the congregation:

Sun Dec 2, noon-1pm – information session – survey report,Congregational Record, slides presented, and explanation of search process are linked below.

Survey report 12/10/18

Congregational record submitted to UUA

       Description of search process at Dec 2 session

Powerpoint slides presented at Dec 2 session (and additional ones not shown due to time constraints)

There was some discussion of survey Q23 (” I would personally approve of the congregation calling a minister who is… ” and we heard that many people chose the neutral option because the category (e.g. gender, color) of a minister was not relevant.  The MSC is in the process of re-evaluating the responses to that question.

Sat Jan 12, 9am-12noon – Beyond Categorical Thinking Workshop; Sun Jan 13 – related worship service

April 28 – May 5, 2019 – Candidating Week

You can get more information about the entire process from the UUA transitions website by clicking here.


MSC members  – pictures and background information

Daniel DeVaney
I have been a member of this church for thirty two years. Some of my personal highlights include serving as the chair of the Committee on Ministry for three ministers, being on all five intern minister committees—three as chair, a covenant group leader for eleven years—three as chair, and as the chair of the Life Span Faith Development Director’s Committee on Ministry. I have been a mentor in the Coming of Age program several times, attended two General Assemblies,  and was a member of Kathryn Bert’s search committee. I currently teach English as a second language at the church through the RDC.
Elizabeth Fedorchuk
I became a member in 2001 and joined the Religious Education Committee in 2004 and have served there ever since. Over the years, I have served as a Coming of Age facilitator, led countless sessions for children and youth, and helped coordinate events such as Church Pals, Seder Supper, Giving Tree and Deck the Halls. This year I am co-coordinating the Preschool Class and serve as chair of the RE Committee. Outside of RE, I have served on the Nominations Committee and Safe Congregations Task Force, been a regional delegate, and attended General Assembly. Since 2013, I have also greatly enjoyed serving on our Hospitality Team. And for many years I have helped coordinate our all-church retreat over Memorial Day weekend at Yankee Springs
AnneMarie Hodges
I have been a member of UUCGL since 2008, when I came seeking support and community for my son (Ben) and I, after my divorce from his father. I immediately began volunteering in Ben’s RE classes, and continued until he began OWL this year. I was also a member, then coordinator of the Sound/PowerPoint volunteer corps (2011-13). I had the privilege of serving on the Board from 2013-15, and most recently was invited to serve on the ad hoc Diversity & Inclusion advisory group, formed by Rev. Bert prior to her departure.
Kathy Lovell
I started attending the UU Lansing church in 1979, when my daughter was in kindergarten. I have been a teacher for RE classes, member and chair of the Celebrations Committee at several different times, including while Kathryn Bert was on sabbatical, served on the Board in the 1990s (including the role of VP for Finance), and again since 2012 (including as President). I was one of the four members of the Dream Implementation Team to oversee planning and renovations of the new building. I have been a delegate at about five Regional and General Assembly gatherings. In 2015 I attended the UUA conference in Birmingham “Marching in the Arc of Justice,” honoring the 50th anniversary of the Selma Voting Rights campaign.
Andrew Quinn
I have participated in Journey toward Wholeness, Committee to End the New Jim Crow, UUCGL Board, two UU Heartland regional assemblies and attended two UU General Assemblies. i have attended a wide variety of activities and served an active role in many.
Susan Rothfuss
I joined UUCGL May 8, 2014. While attending the Wisdom Path Class in the summer of 2014 I was recruited to work on the Annual Pledge Drive, which I subsequently chaired .I chaired the concurrent, initial Capital Campaign committee as well. I volunteered to organize weekday “Painting Parties” for volunteers. Along with the weekend painters we completed painting the RE and Office wings.
–Organizations: Early in 2014 I began to attend Forum regularly and have participated in their discussion for several years. I hosted one of the dinners offered as a church auction item, helped with the cookie sale to raise money for the church.  I also attend Adult RE classes and the new “Let’s Grow” group.
–Member: MI Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence
Barbara Stoddard
Began attending in Sept. 2015 and became a member in early 2016.  Delegate to this year’s General Assembly.  I am a member of the Chalice Choir, Women’s Chorus, the Celebrations Committee and serve on a Hospitality Team.  I have over 20 years experience as a professional religious educator. 10 of those years I was an Interim Director of Lifespan Faith Development.  In addition, I was a member of the team that developed the national training for UU Interim Religious Educators