Board Committees and essential ad hoc teams are established by the Board, have a charge from the Board, and the chair is appointed by Board. Committee attendance and participation are open to all. Board committees include:

  • Accessibility
  • Archives
  • Art Team
  • Building Maintenance Coordinators
  • Celebrations (Worship)
  • Connections / Membership
  • Denominational Affairs
  • Endowment
  • Grounds
  • Kitchen Team
  • Music
  • Religious Education – Children & Youth
  • Religious Education – Adults
  • Social Justice
  • Stewardship

The charge of each Board Committee is listed below:

Accessibility Committee (Charge approved by the Board on 2/22/17):

The Accessibility Committee (AC) is charged with facilitating access to programs and the building for those who require accommodations. The AC works with the Celebrations Committee and staff to ensure that worship and music text is provided in advance to both users and providers of interpretation services. The AC maintains an up-to-date list of providers and users of paid services. The AC helps educate lay leaders about accommodations and how to provide access for all. The AC recommends policy to the Board for fair and equitable access to services. The AC seeks to educate the congregation regarding issues surrounding ableism and to provide accommodations to ensure inclusion for everyone, regardless of ability.

Archives Committee (Charge approved by the Board on 1/25/17):

The Archives Committee is charged with preserving the church records of enduring value (administrative and historical). The Archives Committee will identify, preserve and make available these church records held in the archives to the board of trustees (and its designees), the church members and the public when appropriate.

Art & Exhibitions Team (DRAFT; approved in Art Policy 11/16/16)

Team Membership shall include at least one Board member, one UU-Lansing staff, and one UU-Lansing member who is an artist, appointed by the President of the Board. The committee will meet on an ad hoc schedule. Meetings may be virtual or in-person. The team is authorized to accept small art donations and loaned art. The team is not authorized to make commitments on behalf of UU-Lansing. All “large art” donations require approval of the Board of Trustees prior to acceptance of a gift or commitment to develop or purchase. The Art & Exhibitions Team will review and/or develop written proposals for donated art and submit screened proposals for “large art” to the Board under certain conditions. The Art & Exhibitions Team is authorized to make all decisions about loaned art.

Building Maintenance Coordinators (BMC) (Charge approved by the Board on 7/27/16)

  • The Building Maintenance Coordinators (BMC) will coordinate projects for the building, invite volunteers to do projects as needed, and hire contractors as needed following church policies. The initial priorities for projects will be set by the Dream Implementation Team in consultation with staff; after August 1, 2016* priorities will be set by staff members consulting with stakeholders as needed.  The BMC will work closely with the church administrator in planning and completing projects.
  • The BMC will establish and monitor an annual maintenance schedule for the building.
  • The BMC will recommend the budget amounts needed for building maintenance.

Celebrations Committee (Charge approved by the Board 10/26/16):

The Celebrations Committee is responsible for supporting the minister in conducting Sunday and holiday worship, scheduling all Sunday and holiday services, and planning and delivering services led by visiting ministers or lay leaders. Celebrations is central to the “inspired by love” part of our mission and the “UU ministry and philosophy” part of our vision.

Connections/Membership Committee (Charge Approved by the Board 10/26/16):

The vision of the Connections Committee is to support and promote growth through engagement, foster connections that build community, help create an inclusive and accessible environment and cultivate our outreach to members, friends and the community. The Connections Committee works closely with the Connections Coordinator to accomplish goals, including welcoming all before and after worship services, data collection for visitors and members, follow-up with visitors and new members, production of photo directory, coordination of social events related to membership, planning heritage celebrations, coordinating Welcome and Membership Classes.

Denominational Affairs Committee (DAC) – (DRAFT of charge May 2018): The DAC oversees the church’s involvement in Regional and UUA matters and encourages participation by both the Congregation and individuals. In particular, it:
• coordinates participation of individuals going to the Regional and UUA annual meetings/assemblies, making sure they are aware of who else is going, reminding them of deadlines for applying for UUA financial aid, for early registration, etc., and encouraging carpooling as appropriate, etc.;
• holds a meeting of delegates and other attendees prior to Regional Assembly (RA) and/or General Assembly (GA) to acquaint them with the schedule of events. Attendees are encouraged to review workshops and sessions in advance and to divide participation up among themselves in order to diversify the total number of sessions attended by UU Lansing representatives as feasible;
• provides opportunities for the congregation to learn about the business agenda for RA and GA, allowing for input from the congregation to our delegates that can be used to inform their voting;
• is encouraged to communicate regional and denominational news and information on issues and topics of interest via newsletter articles, meetings, and/or other appropriate mechanisms;
• submits to the Board and Program Council by Sept 15 the upcoming RA and GA calendar dates and any other relevant dates.

DAC may be consulted by the Nominations Committee when they are recruiting RA or GA delegates, but it is Nominations that is responsible for the recruiting. It may be consulted by the Social Action Committee’s Special Plate Subcommittee regarding collections for UUSC or Association Sunday or any other collection pertaining to the broader denomination, but it is the Special Plate Subcommittee that is responsible for organizing such collections. DAC is not responsible for requesting annual dues to the Region or UUA in the annual budget – that is the responsibility of the Finance Committee.

Grounds Committee (Charge approved by the Board 3/28/18):

The UU Lansing Grounds committee has the following responsibilities:
• Maintenance of grounds throughout the year except for contracts for snow removal and lawn mowing.
• Organization and maintenance of equipment/supplies within the Pole Barn (Building Maintenance Coordinators [BMC] will maintain the structure).
• Continue to plant flowers/shrubs in the vicinity of the building or install design features (as feasible based on available funding) to enhance the appearance of the area near the building and remain consistent with guidelines/principles submitted to the Board about the selection of plants.
• Manage trees on the property (e.g. trimming, removal as needed, new plantings).
• Develop plans for controlling invasive species.
• Provide recommendations for future land use to the Board.
• Consider options for accessibility as a high priority in all endeavors.
• As new landscaping projects are considered, develop plans for long term maintenance, including volunteer time.
The Grounds Committee will coordinate with and/or encourage new and existing UU Lansing committees and groups that are involved with our grounds. Examples currently include the Seventh Principle group, Religious Education committee, Community Gardens groups, and the Memorial Garden group.

Kitchen Team (DRAFT charge March 2018):

The kitchen team enhances the UU Lansing community by supporting food-related functions along with the health and safety of our community, and the longevity of our kitchen equipment by:
• creating and monitoring kitchen policies and procedures
• overseeing use and maintenance of the kitchen, and
• selecting and training kitchen liaisons.

Music Committee (Charge approved by the Board on 6/28/17):

The Music committee supports the Music Director, advocates for the music program, and collaborates with the Music Director, Minister, and church leadership to enhance and develop the music ministry of the church as it deepens and enriches congregational life.
Music Committee Responsibilities:
• Help set goals
• Help develop yearly plans
• Provide feedback to Music Director about what’s going well about music program; what can be improved
• Promote music program in the church community (e.g., communicating about music events, talking to congregants about music activities, set up table after service to promote music)
• Help organize/coordinate music events
• Operational support for Music Director (e.g., music library, attendance, AV support)

Religious Education Committee – adults:

he Adult Religious Education Steering Committee strives to provide adults of the congregation with opportunities for continued spiritual and intellectual growth.

Our offerings are developed to further the following goals:
• Share our Unitarian Universalist faith traditions as well as knowledge of other religions and faiths
• Provide a safe environment for spiritual growth and development
• Foster a community that promotes exploration, joy, and wonder
• Support each person’s search for truth and meaning

Religious Education Committee – children & youth:

The Children’s & Youth Religious Education Committee is the visioning body of the Children’s and Youth program. The Committee collaborates with the DLFD in creating a faith development program that nurtures the development of love, responsibility, and compassion in our children and youth.

The committee supports the mission of the church by
• Reviewing and evaluating RE programs
• Recruiting and supporting volunteers
• Creating community by coordinating special RE and family activities
• Interpreting the church-wide themes and focus for a young audience
• Serving on Ad hoc sub committees, as needed
• Creating and following RE policies
• Offering input on curriculum creation and selection

Social Justice Committee (Charge approved by the Board on 12/18/16):

The UU Lansing Social Justice Committee (SJC) stimulates, supports, and encourages work for social justice within the congregation. Social justice takes place in many places within the church, including committees, both youth and adult RE, covenant groups, and individuals working with outside entities. SJC is an umbrella committee with justice ministry teams that carry out activities with defined foci. We encourage teams to use the 7 points outlined by the Rev Joan Montagnes.

Stewardship Committee (DRAFT, under consideration by the Board)

The Stewardship Committee is charged with promoting generous financial support of our church in consonance with our values and in support of UU Lansing’s mission. As generous stewards, we build a legacy for our children and work towards a just and compassionate world.

Working in partnership with the Senior Minister, the Board of Trustees, the Finance Committee, staff and other key lay leadership, the Stewardship Committee is responsible for:
• Educating congregants about the many ways they may express their generosity,
• Coordinating all fundraising activities within the congregation to ensure all such activities serve the mission of the church,
• Creating and executing an annual Pledge Campaign,
• Tracking overall solicitation and cultivation activities,
• Maintaining awareness of best practices and emerging issues regarding stewardship through participation in discussion groups and trainings offered by the UUA, District/Regional staff, and other such professional organizations as well as other churches,
• Collaborating with other committees/teams to ensure that the benefits of enhanced stewardship awareness are integrated into all programs, and
• Other stewardship issues identified by the Senior Minister and the Board of Trustees.