UU Lansing is governed democratically according to our constitution and bylaws. At the Annual Congregational Meeting, church members elect the Board of Trustees. Nominations for the Board of Trustees may be made by the Nominations Committee and congregation at the annual meeting

The Board defines policies that guide decisions. Two members of the Board of Trustees also are members of the Finance Committee. Officers of the Board are elected by the Board. The Board of Trustees submits an annual budget to the church for approval at our Annual Meeting.

The Board generally meets monthly, and meetings are open. Visitors are welcome at meetings; please contact the Board in advance to request an item for the agenda. Minutes of all meetings are available. “Board Splinters” (summarizing board issues) are published regularly in the church news.

Current Board members are:

Michael McClellan (president)
Bill Arnold (secretary)
Barb Barton
Judy Goth-Owens (president-elect)
Cindy Lehmkuhle
Rob Mack (V.P. for Finance)
Laura Ray
Joe Stuart
Megan Tressel